Social Impact Partners Fund (SIPF) believes:

Young women and men can deliver world-changing innovation

...when their creativity is multiplied within a global, collaborative network of peers and professional mentors.

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Let's initiate more young women and minorities into the global culture of innovation.

Many notable tech innovations were first conceived by pioneering teenagers—proof that properly trained youth can change the world.

We believe more underrepresented women and minorities around the world can join this cohort of young innovation leaders with proper investment in innovation leadership development and access to a network of like-minded professionals.

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SIPF Corporate Partners Gain Access To:

Our People

The world’s finest, globally diverse early talent pipeline

Our Global Perspective

Global, high ROI brand goodwill

Our Market Savvy

Joint marketing and PR opportunities in high-growth markets

An Eye on What's Next

  • Industry advocacy benefits in emerging markets

  • Co-investment opportunities in new markets, technologies

Our Vision

A globally representative network of young professionals who advance the state of the art in providing innovative solutions to problems throughout all sectors of the global economy, to the benefit of all people groups.

Our Mission

To train historically underrepresented women and men for innovative approaches to solving complex problems in the globally matrixed economy, as leaders of the world’s top institutions and as entrepreneurs, and to maximize the social impact of innovation in every region of the world.

SIPF invests in long-term human capital, with a focus on young women and underserved minorities, for the benefit of both humanity and our corporate partners’ brand equity.

Our "output" is an elite, globally diverse cohort of women and men superbly trained in innovation leadership development, skills universally prized across national borders and industries, which leads to enhanced brand goodwill for our Partners.

This skillset and newly developed cultural capital will prepare our alums to be leading university students, coveted job prospects, innovative entrepreneurs, and leaders across all aspects of their respective national societies.

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